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Fakro Discount (1-31.09.2015)

Choose performance, choose Fakro Plus loft conversion windows and receive XDP Kit with only 1 euro!

We keep our promises. We continue Fakro Promotion marathon and the 10th anniversary in Romania.

We don’t ask for any supplementary effort. Buy any Fakro loft conversion windows from Plus category and we offer you directly XDP Kit with just 1 euro. Promotion is valid since 1st of September until 31st of October 2015.

XDP Kit is an aggregate made by steam permeable sheet and thermo-insulation tape made by wool, with the hydro-insulation and thermo-insulation role around the window. Fakro thermo-insulation kits are products which carry out the best technical parameter, being under constant control, held by the quality control department, which applies in particular the following features: steam permeability, resistance to infiltration, resistance to tearing. In this way our priority is always your protection.

Choose wisely and Fakro will reward you with extra-protection: XDP with only 1 euro.